Working hours: с 10.00 до 20.00


There is nothing like banya to treat fatigue and anxiety, to relax in a company of friends to the good of your health. Banya and sauna influence the body quite magically. Alteration of low and high temperatures produces a favorable effect on the cardiovascular system, enhances resistance and protective forces of the body. Banya energizes and relieves stress, improves sleep and appetite, increases work forces. And what wonders it does to the skin!

The Star Hotel complex is inviting its guests to enhance their vital forces in the banya “Greek Hall” and the sauna “Secrets of the East”, which are equipped with swimming pools with artificial geysers, waves and waterfalls. Pleasant relaxing atmosphere, good style of the interior, aromatherapy … You can use birch and oak switches and have a specialty kvas for a gift.

Companies of ladies and companies with children are given a 20% discount
(on working days before 6 p.m.).

Guests of the Star Hotel are given a 20% discount.

*Dear guests, you are kindly asked not to bring along food, alcohol, switches, and drugs. (Offenders may be fined 3000 RuR by the Hotel Administrator).

Rates up 18.00
Mon-Thu Fri-Sun
1350 rub. / Hour 1550 rub. / Hour
Rates after 18.00
Mon-Thu Fri-Sun
1550 rub. / Hour 1750 rub. / Hour
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