Restaurant Chinese Ierogliph
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Restaurant Chinese Ierogliph - exclusive Chinese food

The Hieroglyph Restaurant offers exclusive dishes of authentic northern and southern Chinese cuisine cooked by highly professional chefs specially invited from Shanghai. The restaurant features fine Oriental design and high service level. It provides an opportunity to find yourself in another world, get in touch with the great Chinese culture, to have some rest of daily routine and taste something new, which may hopefully become a habit of the restaurant’s visitors.

The restaurant serves choice dishes of the abundant Chinese cuisine. Each dish is a cooking masterpiece of its own. Some are seasoned and spicy, other have a fine mild taste. There are both exotic and simple tasty dishes good for every day on the menu. The latter are those like aromatic soup, juicy chicken or pork for main course, fresh multi-vegetable salad for an appetizer, and fried vegetable mix for a side dish. A lunch or dinner can be complemented with a splendid desert.
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  • A cozy restaurant hall for 80 people;
  • Exclusive Chinese cuisine;
  • 24-hour servicing;
  • Banquets and buffet dinners to be ordered.
Reservation by phone
8 (3952) 50-03-50
daily, round the clock
Delivery Order by phone
8 (3952) 50-03-50
daily, round the clock