Hunters’ Restaurant

Hunters’ Restaurant - Restaurant

Hunting is a man’s vocation. A true man will always brighten at sight of a good rifle, a hunting dog, and certainly trophy. The Hunters’ Restaurant is a paradise for the fans of this ancient game and art of men, as well as for all Irkutsk guests and citizens favoring high class cuisine and servicing.       

The restaurant is designed as a real hunters’ club with its various attributes – colonial style engravings, arms, and wood carvings showing scenes of hunting.

Specialties of the Hunters’ Restaurant are wild meat cooked on fire and Siberian fish dishes.

In 2010, the Hunters’ Restaurant was chosen the best hotel restaurant. The hotel also has a cozy bar that is nice to sit in with a glass of good wine or a cup of fragrant coffee. The hotel’s outdoor café is open in summer. 

There is also a number of special offers for choice: arranging buffet lunches outside the hotel, business lunches, arranging weddings and other events.

К вашим услугам
  • 70 seats restaurant
  • Up to 30 bar seats
  • Exclusive local dishes
  • Organization of weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties tourist menu
  • Business lunch
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8 (3952) 50-03-50
Delivery Order by phone
8 (3952) 50-03-50
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