Excursion to Arshan
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Excursion to Arshan

Irkutsk - Arshan - Irkutsk
Seasonality tours:
All year round
Number of people in a group:
Non-limited number of participants

The Arshan resort is located in a picturesque part of the Tunka valley surrounded by beautiful gorgeous Sayan mountains, the average height of them is 2000 meters above sea level.

The resort includes: area with natural remedies, spa recreational facilities, cafes, consumer services for tourists etc.

Carbonic water of Arshan resort is helpful with treatment and diseases of the cardiovascular system, functional disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The roots of the word "Arshan" are connected with words arasan, arashaan, arshan, which means the mineral source with medicinal value. In the past times, the Buddhists were supposed to give the name "arshan" to sources cold fresh water, giving them a curative value. This term is widespread in Mongolia, China, Central Asia, Eastern Siberia and Altai. The origin is closely connected with Sanskrit - name of nectar, the drink of the gods.

Number of people in a group Cost of the tour for 1 person in rubles
1 16 500
2 17 500
3 18 500
4 19 800
5 20 900
6 22 000
7 24 000
8 25 000
9 26 000
10 27 000
  • 9-00 - starting trip to Arshan (220 km) On the way stop at a roadside cafe.
  • 12-00 - arrival, walking tour to the waterfalls, 4-5 meters high. The path runs along the picturesque, wooded area along the mountain Kyngyrga Kyngyrga. On the way is possible to drink mineral water - from hot and cold springs. Locals there sell pine nuts, a variety of mountain herbs, sera (local "chewing gum" making teeth healthier), collected in mountains.
  • Lunch in a cafe (Buryat cuisine).
  • Departure to the village Zhemchug (45 km away) - bathing in the hot mineral springs.
  • Late return.
Included in the price
  • Transportation and guide services
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